Friday, March 8, 2013

2 Sick Kids & The Dreaded Man Cold

That's our house this week. I think I woke up yesterday morning with a slightly stuffy nose and a scratchy throat but didn't have time to even think about it as I heard "Ainslie, Forrest just threw up" and off I ran to be on puke patrol. Our poor kiddies have come down with a bug. It's nothing serious and I think Forrest just had too heavy of a breakfast for being sick and his tummy couldn't handle it at that hour so up it came. He love's his daddy's pancakes so he tends to scarf them down fast and furious. He seemed totally fine after he got sick. He and Lilah have been sick since last week with stuffy noses and Forrest has a bad cough. After he got sick yesterday he seemed to bounce completely bacl to normal and ate a tone (3 bowls of oatmeal, a bowl of chicken stew, a bueberry banana muffin he helped me bake and some other snacks throughout the day. I was shocked and a little hesitant to see him eating so much but I wasn't going to deny him it if he was hungry and he did keep it all down. They are definitely on the mend but it has been an interesting week nonetheless. 2 cranky kids and now...uggghh husband is sick and this may be the worst of all. There is a reason my husband rarely gets sick (well extremely rare until we had kids lol). The reason is someone up above knows how brutal it is for everyone around him to del with the minute he gets a tickle or a sniffle. Men just can't handle it. I know too few men who handle being sick like...well like a man for lack of a better word.
So since we'd all been cooped up in the house all week and since the kiddos seemed to be well on their way to being happy and healthy again, we headed out to Little Ray's Reptile Show. We had lots of fun checking out the animals but my little scaredy cat wouldn't really venture too close and definitely wasn't touching very many of the reptiles and animals they had available to touch. He wouldn't touch the snakes, the lynx, the turtle but he would touch the huge alligator they had there - go figure! He touched that twice and the first time I was so shocked I didn't get a picture but the second time just as I went to press the shutter down on my camera some kid walked in front of me and I got the majority of the back of his head (grrrr). So no pictures to prove our timid boy touched an alligator but he talked about it the whole way home and also insisted we go for 'kicken and fries' afterwards so we went out for some supper afterwards.

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