Friday, March 1, 2013

WOW I suck at this...but an honest and perhaps blunt post

Why oh why is it so hard for me to keep this blog up to date?! Will I ever publish a weekly or monthly Lilah post on time? Will I ever post actual updates more than just a quick weekly/monthly post and a few random posts here and there? When can I get it together when it comes to blogging?! I have a few weekly photos and a monthly update to do but thought I'd hammer out a quick post first. What's new with us?! Well not much really other than sleep or lack thereof in this house (perhaps that's the reason for my sucky blog ability lately?!). Lilah is a terrible sleeper - to be frank! We thought it couldn't get much worse than Forrest but boy were wrong. Mind you Forrest is a fantastic sleeper now and has been ever since he turned 1 so maybe Lilah will follow in that direction? I have no idea all I know is that having 2 when 1 is an awful sleeper is definitely worse than having the first awful sleeper. Why you may ask?! Well obviously because you can't rest and nap like you can when you had 1. And even though you are tired you have to remain happy and fun for an energetic playful little boy. Especially when the oldest has as much energy as ours does. John and I are so tired we are barely functioning but we'll get through it. It's beyond bizarre...she's so happy during the day and naps okay (3 - 45 minute naps and the odd time we'll get one of those 3 naps at an hour to an hour an a half). Come night time she is up every 20-45 minutes until we cave and bring her in to bed with us where I just nurse her all night long. We started solids this week but I doubt very much it will make a difference. I mean how much help can a little cereal or some carrot puree make?! In the first year babies get the majority the calories from breast milk. While we were home someone had mentioned that she kind of exhibited the signs of reflux so we are taking her to the doctor but at this point we're yearning just to get through it. It's tough with absolutely no family, few friends and live in a city I can't stand. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get discouraged and down in the dumps over this. I see my girl friends who have kids and their mom's/mom-in-law/sister/brother/father/etc are always at their house visiting, helping and generally just being a support line during the early years. I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't green with envy for that.
I know this too shall pass and we'll get through it with it being nothing more than a distant memory. I also know that it's is utterly, totally and completely worth every sleepless minute. Our sweet Lilah is also so pleasant during the day it is hard for anyone to take us serious about the issues we have at night.
Anyway, enough grumbling and on to some fun things like an update:
What's new since my last post besides lack of sleep?! lol Well let's see, Forrest is about the only one in this house enjoying the winter months. He is absolutely obsessed with shovelling. Every day he carries around his little beach shovel and says "shovel with daddy" and if there is no snow to shovel he'll still go outside and shovel the pavement. He carries that shovel around the house, on the days he goes to Joan's he takes it there, we take it to stores and in the car and if he drops it while in the car we have to pick it up for him - obsessed with it would be an understatement. I bought him a bigger shovel and he uses that too but his favorite is his little beach shovel. He cries when he has to come inside and insists on staying out to "shovel with daddy" (even when Daddy is long done and ready to come in lol). I've even had to bribe him with hot chocolate to get him to come inside when his mittens are soaked and his cheeks are rosey red and my hubby looks zonked. I'm sure he'd stay out all day every day if we let him.
John has be busy with work which is going great. I'm hoping this means we're one step closer to moving home.
Valentine's day was great. It was Lilah's first Valentine's day. John brought home a dozen red roses for me and a single red rose for his sweet little Lilah. I had done up little treat gift bags for Forrest and Lilah with a book each and some little treats and toys. I also had little treat boxes done up for Forrest to take to his Valentine party at Joan's. I made heart shaped cookies and chocolate and cherry short bread cookies for him to take as well so when I picked him up he was hopped up on sugar and fun with tonnes of cute cards and treat bags from his friends and Joan in hand. After we put the kids to bed John and I made a delicious meal of scallops and a glass of wine. This was one of the only nights Lilah actually slept long enough to give us some kind of an evening. It must have been a little Valentine gift from her to us. We sure were grateful.
I got braces. Yes you read that right. At 30 years old I now have braces. I have always been a little self conscious of my teeth but in recent years it seemed to bother me more. I think it is probably because I started studying photography and noticing my smile in pictures more often. So John and I discussed it and consulted with our insurance plans and away I went to an orthodontist that was recommended to me by my dentist and a few others. This orthodontist uses a treatment called SureSmile so I will be able to get my braces off roughly 40% faster than traditional treatment (for me it will be about 14-16 months). I am really excited and I've had them on for about a week now. So far they don't really bother me all that much. They are definitely an adjustment and take some getting used to but I don't mind them. The first few days were a little sore/uncomfortable and eating is definitely different but the hardest part for me will be giving up my favorite snack - POPCORN.
We also went home last weekend. It was a very short trip that was only made to celebrate Bampy's 80th birthday and Fisher's 2nd birthday. It was a fun weekend filled with cake, cupcakes and most of all great company. Although we didn't get to see any of our parents we did get to spend time with Bampy, Rachel, Erin, Davey, Fisher and family, and Kyle and Jaime. A great, albeit short, visit! Forrest and Fisher played great together. Not a single fight or tantrum and they were so great to share. Forrest was sad to leave and has only asked about Fisher the entire drive back to New Brunswick and every day since we got home.
And last but not least, we've been spending a few days/evenings swimming in hotel pools while my dad and Ivy are here for my dad's work trips. Forrest loves "swimming with papa" and anytime he sees his swim trunks or his grandfather for that matter it's "swim with papa?". I think he likes splashing him because he splashes him and gives the biggest, loudest, cutest giggles. He has so much fun and we all really enjoy it. Lilah has even gone in for her first swim and seems to enjoy it too. Well she doesn't cry but she does have this look on her like "what are all these people doing with me in this big bathtub?". It's pretty cute though. I bought her a little bathing suit and she looks absolutely precious.
Okay, well that's it for now. I promise to try and update more often and I REALLY promise that once we start getting some sleep I'll be around a lot more often.

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