Saturday, April 13, 2013

A True Boy and a True Girl

It's amazing how gender plays a role in how kids act. For example, the other night we went to check on (peek in at) Forrest sleeping. It is something I do every single night before I go to bed. I go in his room and give him a little kiss on the cheek before I go to bed myself. He always looks so serene and peaceful sound asleep in his little bed and I always have to refrain from climbing in next to him and snuggling him all night long. Well the other night John went in first while I was brushing my teeth and then he comes out saying "our boy is a true boy, wait til you see this". So in I go full of curiosity and what do I stumble toddler fast asleep with his hands down his panama bottoms. I nearly died with laughter.
Then just today as Lilah was playing in her exersaucer I caught her staring at herself in the little toy mirror piece on the exersaucer. Staring then turned into huge smiles and grins at herself and then non-stop belly laughing as she was looking at herself in the mirror. Of course I started to laugh as well because it was just the cutest thing.

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