Monday, April 8, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Okay so let me see, where should I start with this update?! How about right where I left off...Saint Patrick's day. 2 days after St Paddy's day my boy came down with a violent stomach flu that lasted a week and then tapered off into a nasty cold with a runny nose, awful cough and an ear infection (all this lasted a total of 3 weeks - yes you read that right. we finally cleared it up with some antibiotics). Of course this meant Lilah caught part of it as well. Luckily she only caught the nasty cold part (although there were 2 instances where she coughed so hard she vomited). During this I had travelled home to Cape Breton to visit my mom for 10 days. We had to take Lilah to a walk-in clinic where she too was put on anti-biotics for a chest infection. Finally by the time hubby met us in Cape Breton for Easter weekend the kiddies were on their way to happy, normal selves. We survived. [I should note that John did catch this stomach flu turned cold before we even left for the Cape and somehow I was the only one in this family that did not catch this virus despite being thrown up on, snotted on and drooled on for 3 weeks straight]. Drooled on...ohhhhh yeah through all this Lilah got 2 teeth as well. Lovely eh?! lol When it rains it pours.
Our trip to Cape Breton was great even with all the germs. We had such a nice visit with my mom and of course it went by WAY too fast. Easter was amazing. Our first Easter as a family of 4 and it was very special. The kids had a great time and we made lots of wonderful memories for Lilah's first easter. We ate lots of yummy food, had an easter egg hunt, dyed eggs, and had lots of great quality family time.
This past weekend was also fantastic. John's mom and his Aunt Paulette came up to visit and baby sit while John and I went to the Canadian Cancer Society's Daffodil Ball at the Delta Bousejour in Moncton NB. The regional manager invited John and although I was extremely hesitant to leave Lilah at only 7 months old, we both agreed it was a good decision for his career if nothing else. He was invited by his boss and there would be other senior management from Halifax at this event. So I bit the bullet and agreed. I also knew the kids were in good hands and would be more than well taken care of. ***Besides, I truly know the importance of the kids having a relationship with their grandparents beyond us as parents being present. I know how much fun I had when I would go for sleep overs at my grandparents or have any time just me, my sister and my nannie or Nana and Papa. I want my kids to have that special bond as well.
So off we went to Moncton on Saturday leaving my mother in law and John's Aunt with our precious babies and a freezer full of breast milk (HA!). We left when the kids went down for their naps and did a little shopping before checking into our hotel for the night. We shopped, checked in, went for a walk, and got ready for the ball. The reception started at 6 so we headed down shortly after that. It was a black tie event (a detail my husband forgot to mention GRRRRR). There were waiters with trays of champagne, the press taking photos for a magazine (to which they took our photo and asked for our names - I wonder if we'll become famous lol), a 5 course dinner by a prominent chef, a silent auction, a dance with a fantastic band by the name of "Angry Candy". John and I ate, drank and danced the night away. We bid on a few things and bought a lottery ticket but didn't win anything. We had so much fun. I haven't danced that much since Erin's wedding lol. That night I had my first full night's sleep in over 7 months. I still woke up a couple times but drifted back to sleep very quickly. We slept in until just after 8am and it was blissful. After a super delish breakfast with a member of senior management from Halifax, we headed back for home and I was never more excited to pull into our driveway and run into my house to my beautiful babes.
We weren't in the house a full hour and we were off again. I had a baby shower for my friend Jackie and John took Forrest to a birthday party for Forrest's little daycare friend, Hannah. The baby shower was over so Lilah and I joined the boys at the party and had a great time catching up and laughing with the other parents (oddly enough, most of the other parents from Forrest's daycare are also from nova Scotia).
As much fun as we had, as much as I enjoyed the time with my husband, the dancing, the dinner, the wine and the sleep...I enjoyed the little arms wrapped around me and gave a few extra kisses as I tucked my toddler into bed that night and didn't groan too much as my sleepless wonder daughter woke many many times that night *tonight is another story lol

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