Friday, May 30, 2008

Today = MOVING DAY!!!

So today is THE big day! John and I are so excited we could barely sleep (In fact this morning John woke up and said "did you know the sun comes up at 5:20?" lol
This is our FIRST house! EEEkk...I almost don't believe it yet. It's like we've been waiting for so long for this and now it is finally here!!!
Last night we did the final walk through inspection with the contractor and everything was fine. The inspection took hours to finish which was good, we went through the house with a fine tooth comb. Now today we have our last meeting with the lawyer and then we get the keys! WOOOOHHHHHOOOO!!! LOL
Last night my sister had gotten us tickets to see S&TC. It was an advanced screening she saw on the internet so she ordered us tickets. We got to see Sex & The City before it was even released. It was AMAZING! 2 and a half hours of pure wonderfulness...there were some tears (as expected) and there were a tonne of laughs (at one point I was literally in pain from laughing so hard). I am soooo happy I got to see that movie with my sister before she left for Calgary. It was really special. Thank you Lauren...I love you bunches!!! It really meant a lot to me!!!
Lauren left bright and early for Calgary this morning...I know she will do awesome there. She makes friends so easily and she'll get to know her surroundings in no time! Lauren, if your reading this, GOOD LUCK! XOXOXOXO
Well..I am off to help my hunny get things ready for our first day at the house! WOOOHHHOOO!! =)

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