Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In my defense:

Ok Ok Ok...I know that I have gotten a lot of slack lately about not putting any pictures of our new house on facebook or my blog....even my own mother had to view any pictures via my future mother in law's facebook page so I am sorry for that...but in my defense I have been a little busy lately (and by a little I mean A LOT). John and I are not 100% settled in yet but are definitely working on it. We have all of our furniture and appliances (the dishwasher should be hooked up in the next day or so) and we are getting quite comfortable in our own home. It has been difficult to find the time to do anything these days in the line of facebook or blogger because of the unpacking, settling, setting things up, putting things together and finding the time to go to work. Not that I am complaining at all...we love our new house! I also have my lending exam next week which I have been struggling to find the time to study and I am now facing some major panic as when I signed up to do this exam I knew I was already quite pressed for time (I am challenging it so therefore did not register for the course which would have put me in November for this same exam had I done the course). So the panic has definitely set in. I even had to re-schedule our engagement shoot which had been scheduled for this weekend so I would be able to study and also spend time with my Dad on father's day! So it looks like this weekend has my nose in the books for sure! Booo....lol!
But I promise that as soon as this exam is over with I will post some pictures...besides we still don't have any pictures on the wall and some things still are not unpacked...it will be better to wait for the finished product! =)
Bare with me people...I have a lot going on right now...and at this point work is taking priority!

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