Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Jack & Jill Party: July 26, 2008

This weekend my family in Cape Breton threw us a Jack & Jill Party. Lauren even flew home from Calgary for it!! Janet, Rick and their friends Darren and Wendy, Stef, Andrew, Jaime and Kyle all came down for the festivities. It was soooo much fun!!! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I would have to say my future father in law would have won the award for dancing machine and my sister would come in a VERY close second. The dance floor was bumpin all night! We had such a great time and are so grateful for everyone who threw it, helped plan/organize and also came out to party with us on that fantastic night! It really meant a lot to us!! Here are some pictures:

The Walker Family

Stef & John

Lauren, Dad and John all boogie up a storm.

Stef, moi et Jaime! =)

Andrew and I VS Lauren & John in the dance off: WE WON BY A LONG SHOT ;)

Practice run for the big day: a dance with dad...I will literally be a puddle on the floor as no matter how much practice I get, it will never be enough to stop the tears from flowin.

More tears gushin as John and his mom get a practice run in...geesh...

Everybody do the "Nana Dance"...all the cool kids are doin it ;)

The Walker that smile Kyle ;)

Action Shot of me and Lauren

What a goof ball ;) xoxo

Wait now!!! This is bringing back a flood of photographic memories...a recap of 1989 when the matching sweaters/shirts was a necessity in a family of 3 boys so close in age;) love it boys!

A rose between 2 thorns? beautiful mother and us

Our entrance! =)

Jaime, Stef & my future mother in law: pre party shot

the beautiful Miss Jaime and her stud muffin Kyle ;)


Lovely Lauren, Bad Bryan, Awesome Alice;)
Bryan you're not really bad just couldn't think of any other adjectives that start with a "b'

"Roar like a tiger girls, make like a lion girls...okay now act like a lama"....hahahahahaha
Me with my gorgeous bridesmaids!!!

Kissy Kissy- me & my fiancee!!! xoxo

Sassy Stef and Mr. Andrew boogying the night away....what a great shot!!!
me and my bridesmaids pre-party having a BBQ and some wobbly pops before while we get ready!!!

Courtesy of Jaime, me and my mama kick back and relax before the main event!

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