Monday, July 21, 2008


It's been a while but I have GREAT news! I passed my Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending exam! I did quite well actually I am VERY pleased! Another chapter in my career! I had been checking the online training system EVERY day and no news ever and had even gotten in the bad habit of checking my work email at home and low and behold tonight when I checked my grade was in! I am so pleased. I had (as usual) checked my grade this afternoon and as usual there was no news but this evening it was there...what a nice surprise!!!
And on another good note...I have pictures! Yep...FINALLY! keep in mind we still do not have any pictures or wall hangings up yet...thats likely this week now that we have borrowed Rick's level. Anyway...the house is coming along great and we really love it. We're just so happy to finally be in a place of our own!
This weekend past John and I headed down to Annapolis Royal for an overnight getaway. It was so nice and relaxing...just what we needed with all this house, wedding and work stuff going on. We got up early Saturday and had breakfast then headed out on the open road. We got there and strolled around town, took in Fort Anne and the market area. We had lunch at a little pub and then went on by the Tidal Power centre. We also went go-karting (BTW I totally kicked John's butt in the race although he "says" he "let me win"...yeah right..haha). We went to Uppper Clement's wildlife park and then went back to our B&B. We stayed at King George in and it was very nice. We had a nice dinner at Garrison House and met this really nice woman and her mom from Toronto. She was a teacher so we chatted with them a bit then went back to the Inn and had some wine. The next day after breakfast we took in a mueseum that was supposedly an old huanted house. It was kind of a boring mueseum actually...haha! After we got home yesterday Janet, Rick, Forrest and Elaine came over for supper. Forrest had built us a really nice wheel barrow and a garbage bin...he did an awesome job!!! We had some vino, sat out on the deck and chatted and then had lasanga for supper. Janet and Rick stayed the night and today Janet went and finally got her braces off. I can only imagine how great that must feel after having them on for almost 3 years...WOW!
Anyway...thats our weekend in a nut shell! I am just in the process of uploading some pictures so I'll post a few as soon as I am finished =)

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