Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Snow Storm of the Season

Today was the first snow storm of the season for us here in Nova Scotia. It started mid-afternoon and at first was just rain. But not too long into it the snow started coming down. Around 3:30 pm John called my office to let me know that he was home in Mount Uniacke and that it was VERY bad conditions in our neck of the woods so I should be very careful coming home. Not understanding how much of a snow belt it really was until I started the journey home I quickly realized how crazy it was. It was like coming over the hill on the 101 and being in a completely different world. I couldn't believe it. I drove VERY slow in our new car. I had heard Mt. Uniacke was a "snow belt" but today was the first opportunity I had to see it upclose and personal.
Right now it is a complete blizzard/white out/snow squall out there. We went for a walk a little while ago and there was over a foot already. The power has flickered on and off about 10 times so far this evening and I am sure it will go off and on a few more times.
I am slightly concerned for how tomorrow will go...reason being....about a week ago we were in Home Depot and since we had a number of gift cards, I suggested we buy a snow shovel and at that time John thought it wasn't that necessary it is pretty necessary and we are without a shovel to get our vehicles out hopefully all this snow melts away over night...haha! Doubtful! But luckily John has his work truck hime with him so he should have some type of shovel in there to get us out and we both don't work until noon tomorrow anyways!!
Well now we are back inside and going to relax, have some wine together and hope the power doesn't go off until AFTER 'Criminal Minds' is over!!
Enjoy the's a winter wonderland! This time of year always makes me feel so cozy and lovey dovey ;) hehe! Sappy I know...but I love the first couple of snow storms when everyone is home cozied up and relaxed! BUT only the first couple...then I've had enough and am ready for spring, haha!!!
Here are a few pics we snapped at the end of our walk to capture the first storm of many to come throughout our life in Mount Uniacke!!

You can't really tell but if you look very closely...

You can kinda see John and our car somewhere behind the white flurries!!

You rs truly making snow angels!!!

So much fun...snow is so pretty and quiet! But like I the time another storm or 2 roll around I will have had enough ;)

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