Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner...

It's that time of year again. I cannot believe how quickly it came upon us. Seems like just a week ago we were barbequing, having cold ones on a patio, camping, swimming, and sitting out around a fire in the evenings. now we are bustling around putting up lights, shopping for gifts, heading to festive parties and getting all around in the holiday spirit. I absolutely love this time of year. Nothing beats it. Although I am really starting to feel the pressure of getting my shopping done. I haven't really done much yet...a little here and there but truthfully...not nearly what I have to do. John and I tried to get a little done while out and about on Saturday...well...that did not go over so well. haha! I think shopping is truly a girlie activity! Unless its at CostCo, Grocery Stores, Sports Stores or home hardware. When we go to Home Depot I am literally dragging John out of the store. Since we built the house, it has only gotten worse. We once spent a full 2 hours at home depot. *GROAN*

I have noticed that each year people seem to decorate earlier and earlier...maybe it's always been this way in the past and I just never noticed it. But it seems to get earlier to me! We don't decorate until the first week in December. I am so excited for this Christmas in our new house!!! We'll finally get to decorate the outside and it'll be really Christmassy!! We decided to spend this Christmas in our home. We'll go visit our parents/in laws at some point of course. It's our first Christmas as husband and wife and our first Christmas in our new house, so it's an extra special one for us!! I get so excited just thinking about it!!

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