Monday, November 24, 2008

Funny Story:

This is kind of related to the previous post in topic but I'll tell it anyway cuz it is pretty funny and well...and it proves exactly my point on how everyone asks us "the" question.
John came home from work with a funny story...he was installing a service at a customer's home and he had his lap top out while doing his work. His wall paper picture is one of our wedding pics so the customer notcied it and commented on it and how nice we looked! The customer was an older, kind of a hippie, lady who then asked him about when we planned to have children ( real surprise). He replied and then she said "Oh, well I have the ability to see what you and you're wife will have". At that point, John decided to give her a run for her money and challenge her with his response being "Oh really, well what will we have...I'd really like to know that" LOL...I am sure he was just doing that to challenge he pretty much would bet money on the fact that the crazy lady could not tell the sex of a child no more than a gleam in his eye at this So of course she stammered a "oh, would be much easier for me to meet your wife..then I could easily see it". John was polite but I am sure deep down he was laughing and thinking "cucooo"! hahah He came home and told me about it and then added a "See dear...I deal with lots of crazies int he run of a day". I simply said..."don't we all dear, Don't. We. All." ...hahah!!!

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