Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick Update

Hmmm...I thought since it had been a few days since I had posted an actual post, that one was due! This past weekend John had to work so I did things around the house since I couldn't go anywhere due to the massive amounts of snow we got. I tidied, cooked and other stuff like that and we also put up our outdoor Christmas lights! YAY! This is the first year we've been in our house for Christmas and had the opportunity to really decorate the outside (aside from just putting lights around our deck in our apartment). John says he wants our house brighter than the Griswall family...and boy is he determined! We are not finished yet but we are well on the way to having our house being the nicest decorated house in Mount Uniacke (yep...we are a little biased).
Then on Sunday we went into Halifax to meet with Shannon, our photographer, to see our wedding pictures. It was so great! We had went a little early so we grabbed a bite at Gatsby's. After catching up with Belinda we headed to the studio and she had a nice little set up there for us. There was a screen and she had our pictures in a slideshow done to music for us to see our first pics! It was fantastic. She gave us a CD to take home to decide on what pictures we actually wanted printed and in our albums and for our thank you cards (Yes we are finally going to get on the ball and mail those out...I just wanted to wait until we got our pics back because we get a certain amount of photos to put in the thank you cards). The pictures are so amazing! They are better than I had expected!! She is so talented!!! I will post some pictures soon. We invited all our parents over for this Thursday evening to see them first so we will post some albums after they get the first official viewing. ;)
Other than that our weekend was pretty quiet. It was really nice actually!!! I love when the snow is falling down and we are all tucked in cozy at home!!
This upcoming weekend, we are headed to Cape breton....WOOOHOOO!!! I am so excited as I haven't been home since I was a single woman...BAhAhA [not really that long ago but sounds it when you put it that way]!! But we are leaving Friday to go home for a "top secret" event;) I'll post a little more on that after the fact *WiNk wInK*
My mom is on her way up today so it will be great to get a little quality time in with her. AND...FINALLY I am going to start my Christmas shopping tonight. Amanda and I are going to grab supper after work and then get our shopping started. She is in the same boat as me so it should be an interesting excursion to the mall!! Both of us usually have most done by now so tonight, we're aiming to get a chunk out of the list. She also just informed me that TPCU are winners in the QEII Home Lottery draw. I was so excited thinking that my Christmas shopping would be paid for and...find's a digital photo frame! HAHA...not sure how you split that 12 ways but I DO know that it won't pay for my Christmas shopping! lol

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