Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's the start of a great season!

This is my absolute favorite time of year. I just love the hustle and bustle (although I have been avoiding the malls this year like the plague), I love the sights, the smells and the way everyone is so cheerful and nice! I love it all...

This year at work we have lots planned so it's really putting me in the spirit. We all stayed late on Monday nigth to have pizza and some "beverages" and decorate the office. It was fun!!! We are doing the 12 days of christmas in which each of the 12 "work days" before Christmas, someone brings in a treat. So now every day up until we all take our holiday vacation, we will have yummy treats. I have no idea what I will make when it is my turn...gotta think of something festive! We also have our Staff christmas party this weekend at The Holiday Inn Express. It will definitely be a good time!!! *Gotta remember to bring my camera* Then we have our toy exchange and our food drive. Of course there is the staff breakfast at Smitty's and then that will bring the festivities to a close. It's great working in a place that is so festive and always has something holiday related on the go...makes working during the season FUN!
John and I have our outside lights up and on and they look fantastic. Now all that is left is to decorate the inside of our house and get our tree which we are doing this weekend! long as it doesn't storm!
This past weekend we went home to CB. It poured rain all through the Santa Claus parade so we didn't see much of that but it clered up in the afternoon. My mom had thrown a SURPRISE 50th birthday party for Donald so we were sure to be home for that. He was very very surprised and it was a lot of fun! Kelly came down to the house for a bit and it was great to see her again and have a few laughs over drinks. Our Cape Breton trip seemed short...mainly because we did some party prep on saturday and then left Sunday after visiting my Nannie! So it was a quick but enjoyable weekend! I do have a couple pictures from the party but cannot find my card reader at the moment! It'll show up somewhere, then I'll post some pics!
Tonight is going to be awesome! WE ARE GOING TO THE NUTCRACKER BALLET! YAY!!! I absolutely LOVE the Nutcracker ballet. I have gone half a dozen times. LOL!! It is so romantic and Christmasy and pretty! I just love it! So when John called and asked me if I wanted to go...I jumped at the chance! Aliant is a huge sponsor so he put his name in a draw to get the tickets and he got them. There is a little reception for Aliant employees before the ballet so we'll go a little early. Robert (a man John works with) and his wife, Shelley are going as well. I am excited excited excited! I love love love this ballet! I'll try to remember to take my camera tonight to get pictures of it as well.
Anyways...I am off! More later!
mrs. Walker =) hehe

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