Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Is Photography: Intimates Shoot

My friend Heather Crosby-Gionet has a photography buisness she started not too long ago. Let me tell you, what that gal can capture through the lens of a camera is more than's a gift. She has never had any type of course...shes just that good. She also works for Alex MacAulay Photography, which if you have ever heard of them, they are one of (if not THE) best photographers in Halifax. Anyways...this past winter she wanted to come up with a new "niche" for her company. She decided on intimate shoots. She wanted to give women the "opportunity to see how beautiful they really are". So we came up with the idea for me to do the shoot and then have Heather design an album which I would give to John as a wedding gift. We kept it a secret from John for over 5 months. It was not always easy...I almost gave it away a few times (you try coming home to your boyfriend with fancy hair and makeup and have no questions asked when your usual style is a ponytail....haha) and then there were a couple of times we were all together that it almost slipped as well. But I managed to keep it hush hush. We had so much fun. At first I was a little nervous but Heather made me feel comfortable and it was actually a lot of fun!!! I got my hair and makeup professionally done and I had a number of different outfits that I had brought...we even did a bridal theme at one point with lots of tulle and stuff. It was a blast! Here are 3 of the 88 pictures Heather edited for me!! These are the only ones you get to see ;) The rest are for John's eyes only (well John's and a few of my closest friends...haha)! Anyway, they were VERY tasteful and John LOVED his gift...even way more than I ever thought he would!!! She did a fantastic job!!
Check her out:


Sarah said...

totally just contacted her today about engagement photos :P cause I loved these shots so much :P

Ainslie said...

Great to hear! You won't be disappointed!!!