Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To cut, or not to cut....

Before John asked me to marry him, I was getting bored with my hair and was considering a new do. Then he proposed and my wedding plans were well underway. I knew I would want long hair for a wedding updo so I left it with only a few trims here and there. Now the wedding has come and gone and at first I had thought I wanted to let it grow but now I am up for a change...a new look! Something fresh and fun...but I keep changing my mind and tossing around what I want to do. John is absolutely no help as he is doing the typical, polite husband routine with "you'll look pretty no matter what" which is sweet but ultimately not what I was looking for. So...I have been searching magazine, websites and picking friend's brains! So far...still stumped! I came across this little funny on one of my favorite cartoon websites. I thought it was cute...and very realistic as I have never really felt 100% impressed with any new style I have tried over the years.

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