Friday, December 19, 2008

A Busy Week Indeed~

What a week it has been!!! Tuesday night my sister arrived home from Calgary for the holidays. I went to my Dad and Ivy's for supper after work to see her. Wednesday we had a snow storm and my office shut down at 1 o'clock so I got to go home early. It was great because my sister ended up coming over that afternoon so we spent the time chatting and then we baked Christmas goodies and got into the home made wine! It was such a great night. We had a lot of laughs! Thursday I had to work evenings so I dropped Lauren off to meet Dad and then worked away until 8pm. John's work Christmas social was last night at Dooley's so after work I did some shopping and went in to pick him and 3 of his buddies up to drive them all home.
Today is Friday and I am so happy. It has been a busy busy week. At lunch today; Debbie, Nancy and I attempted to get some shopping in...they shopped and got a lot done but all I got was road rage! lol...Man, I hate the holiday traffic!
John is off today so he went in to the city to do some shopping with a couple of the guys (men always do last minute shopping...although this year I am not one to talk). He picked us up some lobsters and tonight we are going to have lobsters and rent movies...a most perfect night!!
Tomorrow night is the Walker Christmas party at Paulette & Bert's so we'll head in to that for a bit. I am really enjoying this holiday season! I wish it didn't have to end...although the holiday eats are getting to be a bit much ;)
Hope this holiday season is as great for you all as it is for the newley married Walker's ;)

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