Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009!

I cannot believe it is 2009...where did the time fly. We are getting very close to the end of a decade! WOW! 2008 was such an amazing year! John and I experienced so many fantastic moments! It's going to be tough to beat but I know 2009 will bring some amazing times to us as well...we'll just have to wait and see!! I had this little New Year's quiz emailed to me so I thought I'd post it to my blog instead!!!


Overall, how would you rate this year?: the absolute best yet!

How old did you turn this year?: 26

What was your highlight of 2008?: Geesh, there were a lot of highlights for us this year: getting married, building our first home, our honeymoon

Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?: work

Where did you travel to in 2008?: Negril, Jamaica

Did you change your hairstyle?: I chopped er all off right after the wedding

Did you change your overall style?: hmmm...not really no! I still pretty well dress the same

Did you break any bones?: Thankfully NO, but I did get a few bruises...haha! I am a clutz

Did you eat sushi?: Yes, all the time, I love it

Did you work out?: Yes, I signed up for a bridal bootcamp and whipped my butt into shape for my wedding!

Did you drink any alcohol?: WHO, me? No, never! haha!

Did you get arrested?: NO...haha! Although at my stagette it was pretty! jk

Did you make any new friends?: Yes, some really good ones!

Did you grow apart from any friends this year?: yes

Did you get a new car?: sure did, we bought a STANDARD Hyundai Elantra

Did you get a new pet?: No...unfortunately we did not! Maybe someday we'll get a puppy but right now we are just not home enough!

Did you attend a concert?: hmmm....does the Nutcracker ballet count? lol

Did you lose anything expensive?: no

Did you get any new tattoos or piercings?: no way...

Did you get a new job?:kind of...I got a promoted into the lending department

Did you get a speeding ticket?: No but John did...actually he got one on his birthday which was New Year's day 2008...what a sin!

What was your favorite song this year?: Britney Spears' love love love this song...its so's to the point now where JOhn will be driving in his work truck and call me when it comes on to play it for me in the phone...haha! I'm lame, I know!

What was your favourite movie this year?: Sex & The City the movie! It was soooo good!!

What was your favourite TV show this year?: Gossip Girl, The Amazing Race and John & Kate Plus 8

What was your favourite book this year?:"Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner

Did anyone close to you find out they were pregnant and/or give birth?: hmmm...YES! Mary gave birth to little Mallory in April. She is such a sweet baby!

Did you dress up for Halloween?: sure did...we went to Darcy & Sarah's Halloween party at their new house

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day?: hmmm...geesh...I don't know if I really remember. John sent me flowers to work and made me candle light dinner I think! Yea...pretty sure! YES! Muscles and scallops and could I forget...haha

Did you experience anything for the first time?: well...marriage is pretty new to is home ownership! So those are the 2 big things that come to mind

Do you have a New Year's resolution?: none really...just live life, be happy and healthy

Do you plan to travel in 2009?: We sure are...planning another trip south this spring

Are you looking forward to anything in 2009?: Sure am... Lots of stuff! ;)

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