Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Officially Over =(

Well the holidays are officially over. We took down our tree and decorations this weekend and my sister left this morning to go back to Calgary! So it's all said and done =(
It was nice to have spent a lot of time together this time she was home though. She came over to our house, I went over to Dad's with her, John and I went home to Cape Breton and then last night before she left we went out. My friend Kahlla was home from Australia for the holidays so last night she and I made plans to go for drinks. I invited my sister to come with us. We went to the Fireside for Martini Monday and then on to the Alehouse (although Lauren did not come with us to the Alehouse due to her early morning flight and she was driving back to my dad's that night). Kahlla flew out this morning as well so it was great to spend last night with both of them.
My sister may have a freaking fatastic job offer waiting for her when she gets back to Calgary. I was talking to her on her stop over in Montreal and a guy had called her with an offer so she is meeting with him tomorrow! I am extremely excited for her! She definitely deserves it after all the hard work she has put into her course. I am very very proud of her! I'll post more details when I get them!
As for Christmas being over...well it is! It's sad, and the house looks bare but I cannot complain as this holiday season was wonderful and I am so lucky to have spent it with all 3 of my families!! Although we did a lot of visiting, eating and drinking, I feel that it was a pretty relaxed vacation. It was a great first Christmas together as husband and wife in our new home! I could not have asked for anything more...it was perfect!
Anyways...now on the 2009!! Anyone have any New Year's resolutions???

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