Saturday, March 21, 2009

5 days and counting with only 2 sleeps to go

So the title of my post has 2 countdowns in one...haha! I am on day 5 of feeling lousy! Ugghh...I don't get sick all that often but when I do get hit with a flu or virus I get knocked down hard! Monday night I started feeling quite icky. I went to work on Tuesday with a scratchy throat but wasn't feeling totally awful! Tuesday night, which was St. Paddy's Day, I went to Finbar's Irish pub in Bedford with Amanda, Erin and Nancy for some green beer and apptizers. Anyways, I probably should have opted out of the night but I really wanted to go with the girls (after all Erin had just gotten a beautiful rock on her left hand that weekend and we needed to celebrate) and at that time my flu wasn't terribly awful. Wednesday when I got up I immediately felt worse. It was awful. My throat was beyond bad and I was achy all over. I went to work anyway but went home in the afternoon early. I got up Thursday and my throat was still scratchy but not nearly as bad, I went to work and immediately went home within the my stomach was icky. I am definitely sick of being sick. So today is Saturday and I am STILL feeling icky and we only have 2 more sleeps until we leave for CUBA! I am hoping that I will feel 110% by tomorrow. I am slowly coming around althuough no where near 100% yet. I went to see the doctor twice now and the lunatic doctor in Mt. Uniacke's medical clinic suggested he could do up the documentation for me to get out of my trip and get my money back....ummm HELLOOOO CRAZY DOCTOR. I'd have to be dying to cancel this trip! lol! Anyways, needless to say I wrote him off as a whacko and went home to my chamomile!
I am sure I'll feel better once I hit the heat. John and I are laying low this weekend, getting things packed and relaxing so that should be good. Thank God John is not sick. He was worried he was getting sick yesterday but this morning he decided it was all in his! I guess it is good to get it out of my system now!
I am starting to get excited for Cuba though! It is going to be a lot of fun!!!! 2 MORE SLEEPS...YAY!!!

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