Monday, March 16, 2009

What an Awesome Weekend!

John and I really enjoyed our weekend this week. It was great!! We woke up pretty early both mornings so it felt like a long one too which is always good. We were very busy but we got to spend time with all 3 sets of parents this weekend. It was really nice. Friday night I went out to my Dad & Ivy's house for supper and to pick up Jonas who was having a sleepover at our house. For those of you who are wondering "who the heck is Jonas?"; he is Mel & Dan's dog (a Valley Bulldog). We volunteered to doggy-sit him this weekend while they had a relaxing getaway weekend. So Jonas and I played outside until John got home from workFriday evening. Saturday, John, Rick, Robert and Kyle all worked on our basement. They got it pretty much all framed and it looks great! We are so grateful to have family and friends who offer their time to help...Thanks a million guys! It's really coming along!! While the men were downstairs hard at work Janet, Hunter, Jonas and I were upstairs hanging out and making lunch (Hunter is Robert's 7 year old daughter). Janet made a delicious pot of Chilli and brought it in and I made a home-made pizza! Yummm...

Saturday evening after the tools were packed in, we headed over to Dad & Ivy's again to have dinner (a delicious, and spicy, East Indian Curry recipe my Dad had gotten at an International Food fair). We had dinner and spent time with Chloe, Emma and Jack. It was a lot of fun! The girls were really sweet and made us some really special signs. It was really cute!! Sunday after breakfast we headed home and Mom and Donald had driven up. They got to our place around lunch time so we had a light lunch and then went into the city for some shopping. Donald and mom took us to The Keg for supper. We had an absolutely delicious meal and some drinks and then went back to our house for the night.
It was a really fun weekend!
I do have some pictures of Jonas but I am not able to post them now. I'll get to it eventually though.

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