Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty good. Mostly relaxing but I did get a good girls night in on Friday which was nice. We went to Debbie's parent's house on Friday night as they were down South for 2 weeks and they have a hot tub. We'd been planning this night for some time. Debbie had even moved out and in with her boyfriend and we still planned to go there strictly for the hot tub of course;) They have a huge 12 person hot tub! It's fabulous! We all hung out, had some fun, snacks, drinks and tonnes of laughs. What a night. I am so grateful to work with such an awesome group of gals!!
Saturday my mom and Donald left for Cuba! So we saw them off with a early morning breakfast. I never realized how much I would miss my! We usually talk everyday...sometimes even two or three times a day...and now that she is away for a week I am really finding I miss all those phone calls. John and I went out and did some errands on Saturday afternoon and then we went to Boston Pizza for supper as she had given us a gift certificate. Well I found myself getting home, picking up the phone and being like "oh yeah..". Sunday morning, same thing...I was waiting for her usual Sunday morning phone call. So bizarre! I am not a phone person at all so I find this really strange. I guess the next time we'll have to go with them...hehe!
John and I did have an excellent meal at BP though. We also watched SlumDog Millionaire and I was beyond impressed. We both were. What an excellent movie!!
Sunday morning we did some work around our house. John put the clothes line up (since it had came out of the house during a snow storm) and he put up the post and poured cement in it so hopefully it is not going anywhere for a while. I planted some herbs I got from Home Depot and then we tidied the house and did some laundry. We attempted to BBQ burgers but we ran out of propane. We had a very nice relaxing weekend!!
Here are some pics:

Displaying the fireworks-courtesy of Nancy;)

Here we are rockin out...however, we did not incorporate our rockband drumset into this album time perhaps.

Us (minus Erin)

Group shot of us all on the swing after hot tubbin (gotta love self timers)

Another group shot on the swing...

HoT TuBBin

Again...but minus Erin =(

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