Monday, May 18, 2009

Landscaping at The Walker Residence

I have to start off by saying how much I love long weekends (although they are never long enough). This weekend we stayed close to home. It was nice to have a long weekend with no real plans. John and I did lots of productive things. Friday night I came home to cadlelight Chinese Take out. I had a crazy busy day at work on Friday so John gottake out and I came home to the table set and candles was very sweet and considering my day was so busy I didn't even have time to take my lunch break, I really enjoyed sitting down to dinner without having to cook. Saturday we got up early since we had hired a guy to bring us out some top soil so we could start our landscaping was supposed to show up with the first load at 9am. He didn't show and by noon John decided to call him to see what was up. Apparently his truck broke down. We waited around until 5pm and when he didn't show up we decided to go into Rona to pick up some supplies for our basement. Of course not 20 minutes after we left the house he calls as he is in our yard with the first load. Oh well..he dropped it for us and left. We shopped around a bit and then went home. We rented 7 Pounds Saturday night and although John fell asleep 5-10 minutes into it, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great movie. Sunday we woke up early again and went out to start shovelling top soil into the wheel barrow and then spreading it around. WHOA. What a tough job that was. It was just the 2 of us and although we worked like mad it still felt like it would take forever to finish. Just as I was starting to feel like we had tackled more than half of the first load and the majority of the front part of our yard, John came outside after checking our phone for messages to inform me that the guy was coming with a second load. I wanted to cry. My body felt like jello and we had only done half a load. It was tough work and I really gave it my all (John said he was impressed that I worked like a mad woman...haha). ANyways, upon talking to the guy he said he would rent us his bobcat for a pretty sweet deal so we went with that as both John and I realized that it was way toomuch work for us to do it manual labour. He dropped the bob cat and the last load of top soil off to us later that afternoon. John had a ball playing with the Bobcat untilclose to 10pm that night. He got quite a bit done too.
This morning I woke up and went to meet my mom and a bunch of her friends for breakfast Cora's. Her and a bunch of her friends from work were all staying downtown this weekend and taking in the dinner theater, and lots of shopping. John invited Kyle over to help him with the yard and play on the Bobcat. When I got home Kyle and John had finished what was left of the yard. It looks great!!! When I got home I seeded the yard and now the grass part of our yard is finished...we just have to wait for it to grow. I hope it looks awesome! I'm excited!!! Here are some pics:

Isn't he cute?! He's having so much fun!

These were taken on Sunday....

Dumping yet another load of top soil!

We did the front part ourselves. I would shovel it into the wheelbarrow and John would spread and rake. It was way heavier than snow as it was wet dirt. Today my body aches more than it has before. Landscaping is by far the hardest workout I have ever had!

More soil spread!

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