Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mt. Uniacke News!

Last night was pretty eventful at our house! Since we decided to get a start on our landscaping this year, John had gathered all the brush that was all around our property and put it into 4 piles around the yard. Monday, we applied for a permit at the Mt. Uniacke Fire Department so we could burn the brush. Then last night John decides he wants to burn the brush since it is supposed to rain and it was starting to sprinkle. He goes out and lights one of the piles on fire and what do you takes off like a son of a gun! The flames were pretty high and I think for a few seconds we were both a little (okay a lot) concerned. It wasn't long and John had it under control. (I think that when brush burns it generally does initially start in a huge flame style and then settles down quickly). So I go back inside my house (after all it was raining and I am sick with a cold) when all of a sudden I hear sirens just a blazing down our road. I look out my window and what do I see?! Not one, not two but THREE fire trucks flying down the road and coming to our house. Oh dear God I think, this is embarrassing. I go back outside to see what is going on and I am praying that we are not going to get in trouble for this, after all we did get a permit. As soon as I get otuside I see about a dozen cars all along the road and parked at the Upholstery shop across the street and neighbours walking along the road. So embarrassing. Apparently one of our neighbours called the fire department because they too were concerned about the initially gigantic flames that were hitting the tops of trees. I am not overly surprised they did this after the big fire in Herring Cove last week!
Anyway, the fire deputy dude came over and asked John if we had a permit to which John replied "yes". They chatted for a bit and said the fire looked fine to him and that it was under control. They went over to explain this to the neighbours and then finally everyone started to leave. After everyone had gone, the neighbour's teenage kids were sent over to apologize for calling the fire department. haha, we thought it was pretty funny but they were worried we might be upset. Not at all, I think it's kinda nice to see the Pentz Lake community look out for one another! After all, I'm convinced they all thought we were trying to burn down their quiet community! haha
Now as for the other 3 piles of brush that need burning, I think I'll go shopping for the day if he decides to light them up in that manner! haha

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heather said...

Ainse that is HILARIOUS!!! I thought those kinds of things only happened to me!!!