Monday, May 4, 2009

Hockey Season

This time of year is the! Not only does it rain A LOT but also is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Now John is pretty good about sharing the TV. He doesn't hog it for his boy shows too much, doesn't complain about the occassional girl show (well, not a lot anyways) and when he wants to play Xbox he will often use the other TV so I can have one to watch too if I want. But this time of year all that goes down the tubes...its PLAYOFFS. LOL! I don't mind it too much though since he is pretty good the rest of the year. The main thing I do not like is Don Cherry. That man is an absolute idiot. He is so mean to that other guy (Don) and he just thinks way too highly of himself.
John says once we have boys of our own that play hockey I'll be a hockey mom. Coming from a family of all girls I find that hard to imagine! When that day comes, we shall see...

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