Sunday, May 3, 2009


This morning I woke up with a major crick in my neck.I must have slept on it funny or something. It is sooooo sore!!! I hate it when that happens. This is so uncomfortable I can barely move my neck. To make matters worse I believe I am getting a cold, ugh!!! Just wonderful! so today I am just lazing around with my handsome husband trying to get better. We didn't do too much this weekend sono excitement to report. Lauren came over Friday night which was her last night home so it was fun to hang out with her. Saturday John, his Dad and brothers went out to Lunenburg to help his Uncle with some tree cutting so I went to Erin's and she and I went to Jane's On The Common for a delicious brunch and some other errands. We did watch Bride Wars this weekend too and it was a pretty cute movie I must say. It was a chick flick but a funny one...even John found it pretty good. Withrows Market in Mount Uniacke opened this weekend! YAY. They have expanded their garden centre too so I am super excited to get someof our landscaping done!!! I am so excited they opened...I love having fresh local fruit, vegetable, plants and meats available right down the road. Spring and Summer makes me realize how much I love living here in our house!!!
Well I am going to go get my magic bag and my orange juice and try to re-cover. I wish the weekend wasn't over yet as my week at work last week was particularly crappy =( I hope this week is better!
OH...and my tulips are coming up!! YAY! Erin and Davey gave them to us and I planted them in the fall not sure if they would come up or not since my gardening skills leave little to be desired but they are coming up...and my herbs that I planted are as well! Maybe I have somewhat of a green thumb after all ;) Now if only I could keep my indoor bamboo plant that needs little to no water alive!

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