Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Fantastic Surprise

This weekend was awesome! We were pretty busy all weekend but at the end of our weekend we got a super surprise!!! My sister flew home! YAY! My Dad and Ivy got back from their Cuban Vacay late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Mom and Donald flew home from their Cuban Vacay late Saturday night/early Sunday morning (no they were not at the same resort or even the same province for that matter, just travelling at the same time). Saturday it was my mom's birthday. I had a little brunch here on Sunday so my mom and Donald, Aunt Nancy and Bob and Janet and Rick all came over for brunch. Just before they arrived my mom, Donald, John and I were getting ready and poking around. My Dad called and said he and Ivy were stopping by to drop off something he had cooked for us. I did think it was slightly odd as he knew we were having brunch and celebrating Mom's birthday but he did say he was in the area. Anyways, they come in and drop off the food and are just chatting about their trips when Dad says "oh yeah there is something else down by the door for you guys". So I hear the door open and John goes to see what it is...well the look on his face was priceless. A look of total shock and confusion...I run over to see what he is looking at and there she is...MY SISTER! Apparently Dad and Ivy had used their aeroplan points to fly Lauren home to surprise everyone and boy were we shocked!!! There was a lot of screaming and excitement in my house that morning. Dad was trying to snap pictures of everyone's expression but it just didn't happen as we were all over the place..haha! Its really great to have her home though! After Dad & Ivy left, we chatted and then everyone showed up for brunch so we had a wonderful afternoon.
The rest of our weekend wa also great. Since Thursday I was out of the office for that young leaders forum all day at The Westin for work, we had the banquet for the CUCNS Annual General Meeting Friday night to attend. I had gone to it last year as well so I knew what to expect but I have to say that although the meetings on Thursday were slightly better last year, the banquet this year was slightly better than last years. The food was delicious and the entertainment was great. They had a stand-up comedian perform this year after the dinner and he was hilarious!! I am guessing he was from Yuk Yuk's as that is only downstairs. Anyway, his name was John Wing and he was pretty funny!! Satruday John and I did yard work and house work and then Saturday night we went to a BBQ at friends of Robert and Shelley's in Clayton Park. It was a lot of fun! Sunday of course was the big brunch and surprise guest;) Sunday night we all just chilled out at our house and Lauren and I watched the Sex and the City movie AGAIN while the rest of them napped!
It was a super fun weekend with an extra special bonus feature ;)
Love ya sis!
Anyways, here are some pictures from brunch. I don't have any from the rest of the weekend and I likely wouldn't have had any of brunch had Lauren not shown up so you can thank her for the pics! Had to capture a few of those moments on film since God only knows when I'll see her again =( The pics are in the opposite order than what I had uploaded them as (good old blogger).

My Mom-in-law and my Mom!

The men all gathered around the island after brunch

The ladies in our family (gotta love the fancy OJ)

This was just as Lauren got here!

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