Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Weekend...

This weekend was a busy one for sure! Friday night John and I went to Darcy's 30th surprise birthday party. Sarah definitely pulled off a great surprise as he was totally shocked! I think his best birthday present was getting asked for ID at the liquor store on his way home from golf though, haha! Imagine, gettign Id'd on your 30th birthday?! Too funny!

Saturday we got up bright and early and John went to play in the Play On street hockey tournament down at the commons. I had plans with my Dad to spend Saturday with him. We usually spend the day on Father's Day together but since dad had to leave early Sunday afternoon to drive down to Cape Breton (he is having his knee replacement surgery in Cape Breton on Monday) we dedicded to have an early Father's Day Celebration. We went to the Farmer's market, grabbed some coffee and then we went to a Korean grocery store and we got some stuff for me to make a delicious Korean meal for supper that night for John. After spending some time shopping and chatting with the Korean shop owners we went to Sawadee tea Shope in the historic properties for green and morrocan tea. We walked around Halifax and the waterfront and then had lunch at Snaubar and it was absolutely delicious. It is a really nice spot too.

Dad dropped me off at Kerra's place that afternoon so I hung out with her and then after a bit we walked up to watch one of the boys games. They lost but it was a good game and my man scored quite a few of the goals.

That night after we got home, I made us a delicious Korean meal (best one we've eaten since actually living there) and then we relaxed with a movie. We watched "Defiance" and if you haven't seen it I would recommend it. It was a very good movie.

Sunday John got up and went to the final games of his hockey tournament and I took off over to dad & Ivy's for a father's day breakfast (since it was officially father's day and he wasn't getting on the road until noon-ish I thought I'd get in one more father's day celebration with my dad). Sarah came for breakfast too and it was really nice for the 4 of us to sit, chat and sip coffee. It was a great morning. I am really happy I got to spend such great quality time with my dad!

That afternoon I went and did some shopping. John had plans after the games and after Rick's first 5K marathon, to go out with his Dad for a father's day dinner!

Sunday night we watched another movie (Valkyerie-but I do not recommend that one as it wasn't very good but I am not a Tom Cruise fan at all).

So now today my Dad is having his knee replacement surgery. Probably right now as a matter of fact. He was supposed to get in at 12:30 for it but of course they kept him waiting until closer to 4. I worry about him but I know he'll be fine! He's a tough old man (he's not gonna like the old comment at all, hehe).

Good luck Pop! xoxo

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