Sunday, July 5, 2009

A post that is long overdue...

Well this post is definitely long overdue. I just find the summer creeps up on me and then we get so busy that my blog gets away from me and before you know it I have missed so much. Anyways, The weekend of June 26th we went to PEI with James and Amber. They have a family friend who owns a cottage over looking the water and is only 2 minutes from Cavendish beach. Bronson, Dawn, their little girl Riley and John's cousin Jake were also there for the weekend. It was such a fun time. John and I left on Friday after work (I couldn't get Friday off so we couldn't get there until that night whereas the others arrived Thursday evening). We got there in great time and sat outside on the deck for the evening. It was sooo nice out, if it weren't for the mosquitoes we probably all would have been able to stay out in short sleeves all night. Saturday the boys went golfing while the girls went to the Boardwalk and did some shopping then had lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon at Cavendish Beach. When we got back the boys were all sunburnt and sleepy from their long day of golfing so we walked along the water collecting shells and chatting while the boys napped. That evening we went to Sandspit. I'm telling ya, Amber and I were like two big kids. We rode the roller coaster over and over again and went on all the scary rides. We even scored a bunch of free rides and we kept going until the park closed at 10pm. We rode the go-karts as a group and it was so fun. Our group were the only ones on the track so we made it competitive and I have to say for the record, I won! WHOOT! lol But the boys weren't happy with their 'slow cars' so at the end of the evening they went for another round. What a blast.

Sunday, rather than head out early and since it was my birthday (yep, I turned 27), John and I headed into Charlottetown to spend the morning there. We walked along the water front, had COWS icecream and just took in the sights. There was a festival in Charlottetown that weekend so there was a lot going on by the waterfront. When we got back tot the city that night, John took me out for sushi for my birthday...DELISH!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was off work so I relaxed all day Monday and then went to see 'The Proposal' with Erin and Amanda on Monday night. What a super cute movie! I loved it!!

Tuesday I went and did some shopping and then Wednesday we went for a Canada Day drive and then to my Aunt's boyfriend's place downtown to watch the fireworks and have dinner. Aunt Nancy and Bob are amazing cooks so we had an absolutely delicious meal there and they had a birthday cheesecake for me as well. The fire works were pretty cool but it was kind of foggy so some of them were not as great as they normally would be.

Then I worked Thursday and Friday and then another weekend...YAY! We didn't do much this past weekend as John had to work. We had Greg and Melissa over Saturday night for muchies and drinks (John and Greg worked together for Aliant). We were up pretty late that night so Sunday morning I was very sleepy!! I went to my Dad & Ivy's for brunch as it was my dad's birthday!! I stayed there for most of the day since John was at work and everyone seemed to be there. Mel, Dan, the kids and the dogs, Darcy, Sarah and Aunt Daphne and Uncle Rick. It was a really nice day although I wish my hubby could have been there. So now this weekend is coming and I must say it could not come fast enough. It has been a busy week at work!! What does this weekend have in store for us...

Pics From PEI

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