Monday, July 13, 2009

I Heart Weekends

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with my blog. As I mentioned before, Summer is always a time when my poor blog gets neglected! I am going to try my best not to let that happen as summer is a super fun time in Nova Scotia and since I'd like to have this blog to look back on many years from now and smile at the stories and memories!
We had a great weekend. Friday night I went to "the' wedding reception of 2009. HEHE...Nancy and Chris had planned a vacation to Las Vegas. A few weeks ago she announced they were getting married while they were there and had booked a chapel. Since we couldn't be there to share in her special day we threw a wedding reception at Erin's house - WITHOUT the bride and groom. She had sent us all e-vites to watch the ceremony live on the chapels webcam. So we all decided to have a little party at Erin's house and celebrate her marriage and watch it online together. We had so much fun and a tonne of laughs!! Erin had her house all decorated, Amanda baked wedding cupcakes, we all brought food and toasted with champagne! What a great night. We promised Nancy we'd take lots of pictures and so I posted a few of the many we took below. The ceremony started at 7pm Pacific time so it was 11pm our time before it even began!! I drove Amanda home after the 'reception' and by the time I got home my Hubbs was already in bed, alseep.
Saturday John and I got up and he stained the back deck while I made a delicious breakfast for our breakfast date! I made a spinach and feta fritatta and chicken bacon. It was delicious!!! Then we poked around the house doing a few things outside and then went into the city to run some errands. We had an early supper at Other Brother Darrell's and sat out on their deck as it was sooo beautiful outside. After our meal at Darrell's we went to Point Pleasant Park for a walk. It was very busy there and so nice! I wished I had brought my camera as we saw some pretty sights which we both wished we had a camera for. Think I'll have to go back to carrying my camera in my purse again...I hate missing prime photo opportunities! After our time in the city we drove out to Lakeside and Ragged Lake to explore and locate then headed out to my Dad and Ivy's house for a night of UFC. They had invited us out along with Darcy and Sarah to watch the pay-per0view fights that night. John was mega pumped (as was Darcy) so we went and stayed the night. I must say the fights were pretty good! I looked for Nancy and chris (who were actually at UFC 100 that night) but didn't see real surprise, there were tonnes of people there!
Sunday, John was hoping to go golfing but it rained a lot in the morning! Instead we had breakfast, came home and watched movies! It was a very relaxing day!
Anyways, I am already excited for the next weekend!! I just love summer weekends!!! We don't have any plans yet but I'm sure it'll be great, I'm hoping we have great weather!
Here are some pics from the Berry Wedding Reception:Sans Bride & Groom!! (in reverse order of course, I've yet to master the blogger photo uploader)

A group shot with the birde and groom

Toasting to the bride & groom

To the newleyweds

Poppin open a bottle of bubbly

Our decorated champagne flutes

A close up of the computer monitor! The vows! Awww...she is sooo pretty!

Nancy's mama walking the beautiful bride down the aisle

"the chappel" - where we watched the ceremony

A group shot

The bride and groom cupcakes!

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