Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Big News...

We're moving! Yep, you heard right! Where you ask?! Saint John New Brunswick!
The scoop:
So John's contract with Aliant is up today, August 7th. He had a position with a contractor all lined up and we honestly thought he'd be taking that job up until a month-ish ago. He always said that if he stayed in this industry, he'd like to work with NS Power. They are an excellent company with great pay and benefits and a lot of future potential. He has been applying at NS Power since he started with Aliant but they are a difficult company to get on with and he also does not have a linesmen course. He got a call from Emera about a month ago for an interview. For those who don't know, Emera owns NS Power. He went to the interview not sure what to expect and less than 24 hours later they called and offered him the job. We knew at the time of the interview that the position was in New Brunswick so it wasn't a surprise. It then came down to HUGE decisions and a lot of nights of big conversations and even some tears on my part, haha! We talked it over, then talked with our families and it was pretty unanimous that this was the best opportunity for our future. So, he accepted and we put our house up on the market last week and have already had a lot of action on it (according to our agent). I must say that selling our house is difficult. Although it is only a house, it is our first home, one we built and choose all the details with together. The house we came home to as husband and wife, the house we thought we'd bring our first child home to. BUT...that said it is just a house. WE make the house a home! I also had a difficult time telling work. I absolutely adore the people I work with. Over the past 2 years I have come to make some amazing friends at the Credit Union. Telling the girls at TPCU was definitely hard. I avoided it for a while and then got all emotional when telling them. I will miss them so much. We were talking about all the events of the past 2 years and the past year especially, all we have done! Going through our photos and our stories we had so many good times! I am sooo lucky to have such awesome friends and I know we'll all keep in touch! It's only 4 hours away so we'll still have a lot of good times visiting!
As for my job, I cannot transfer unfortunately. The credit union's of the maritime provinces are linked through the ICU (Inter Credit Union Agreement) with the exception of Bayview Credit Union which also happens to be the Credit Union in the Saint John area. Just as luck would have it!! But my managers did say they will amke some calls on my behalf and for that I am really grateful!
Our house has been on the market for about a week. We didn't even have it fully listed and there was already a viewing scheduled. We have a couple more scheduled and an open house this Sunday as well. Our fingers are crossed that it sells for what we want as quickly as possible!!
Next week we are both off so we are heading to Saint John to tour around, meet with John's new boss, meet with a realtor who will show us some houses, tour around the area and also get in some camping! We love camping in the summer so we figure, kill 2 birds with one stone since we likely won't get to go any other time this summer.
We're nervous but also excited. This is a great opportunity for John and the future of our family. We're young, and as John keeps saying "we're together and thats the main thing".
Onward and Upward...

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