Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So John took a week off in between jobs and I took that week off for vacation so it was nice for us to have that time together. We started the week off right with John going to Chester on his friend Robbie's boat and I went with Erin for the day to brunch at Jane's on the Common and then back to her place to hang out for a bit. Sunday we went to New Ross to visit and swim and then came back to our house after a nightmare of an Open house issue with our place. Dad & Ivy were very nice to offer to attend to the Open House for us so we could visit with Janet & Rick. They brought supper with them so when we got back from New Ross we ate with them and chatted. Monday morning we got up early and headed out on the open road for New Brunswick. We got there by noon and drove around taking in the 'sights' of Saint John. John tried calling his new boss to meet with him so he could introduce himself but apparently his boss was out of town that week so it didn't work out. We got to see a lot of the area though which was good. We camped at Rockwood Campground and Park which was nice. John and I agreed that if it wasn't for the relaxation and enjoyment of camping we would have found that trip to Saint John a lot more stressful. It was nice to come back to the camp site, unwind, relax, have no distractions and sit by the camp fire at night. We really really enoyed that part of the trip the most.
We did get a lot accomplished while we were there though. We met with a real estate agent who will be helping us find a home in our preferred areas of either Quispamsis or Rothesay. We also found John an apartment to stay in while we are waiting for our house to sell and me to join him there. We got back to good old Mount Uniacke Wednesday evening. Thursday we ran some errands in Halifax and then Friday John had a dentist appointment so we headed out to Chester and then went to New Ross afterwards. We spent all day Friday laying by the pool. It was soooo nice. Mike, Kyle and Jaime joined us that evening and we all had dinner and went for another night swim which I must say was sooo nice to be out in the pool under all the gorgeous stars. On Saturday John and I had originally thought we'd be taking off early but it was another hot, sunny gorgeous day so we decided to stick around. It was a good thing we did because Rachel ended up shoing up late that morning so it was nice to ctach up with her. Nancy, Allan and friends of theirs also decided to four wheel to New Ross but they ended up not getting there til supper time. We ate supper and then headed home to our house for John's last night at our home before starting his new job =(
Sunday we spent the entire day being lazy and sookie. I hated to see him leave once 4pm rolled around. It sucked-BIG TIME! but it's only short term and we'll be together on weekends so that is nice! I'm not gonna lie...this week has been crappy. I've been keeping busy and it's nice having such great friends and family that keep me occupied!! I worry about John up there in that apartment too. I'm glad I got 2 extra days off next week so I can spend even more time with him. We had thought he'd be coming home this weekend but unfortunately he has to work this weekend. So I am going up on Saturday. I am soooo excited to see him!
Well wish us luck and we welcome all positive energy...we want to sell our house, find me a good job and be together again! Trying to stay optimistic and that is really the only way to be in times like this!
We love and appreciate all our wonderful family and friends who have been so supportive and helpful!
Here are pics from our camping adventure...

John eating a smore and roasting a marshmellow for his second one ;)

MMMMMM....Banana Boats

Supper time

Welcome to our new Province ;)

Me reading my book while the hubbs cooks up a feast for supper

Entering Market Square

On a morning walk looking at apartments

Setting up camp (I was just taking a pause to snap a pic)

Our soon to be new city (I have mixed..very mixed...feelings on this city)

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