Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Days in NS are Numbered...

Well, moving day is very quickly creeping up on us. I just cannot believe how fast time has flown by. Our house is officially sold with a closign date of October 1st. That will be here before we know it. My last day at work is Friday September 25th and that will be a tough day. I am going to miss the girls I work with so much. I know I will never get to work with such an awesome group of gals like that again! I've become such good friends with them over the past couple of years and we've had so many laughs and good times! I'll definitely still see them and talk to them but not working with them everyday will be something I greatly miss!
This past weekend was so much fun! Friday, the Credit Union shut down at noon and we went out on our annual end of summer boat party. We toured around the harbour and even saw a whale. It was sooooo cool! Debbie snapped a few pics of it and got a video and I'm going to try to get that from her so I can post it on my blog. Its only a few seconds long but you can see the whale and to hear us all excitedly screaming is good for a laugh too! The food was delish as it was lobster, steak, chicken and salads! I love lobster so I of course filled up on that! We got off the boat early this year because some of the staff had places to be that evening. Erin, Ashley, Christine and I all went to the Lower Deck for a few drinks before taking a taxi home. John got home that night at around 8:30-9ish. He picked me up at Erin's house and we just went home and spent the evening together. Saturdayw e got up, did some packing and stuff around the house and spent the whole day together not doing much else, it was perfect! We had to go to Nancy's wedding reception that night so on our way to the reception we stopped in to visit Robert and Shelley since John had not seen them since moving to NB in August! The wedding reception was so much fun! The girls and I danced the night away and stayed much later than we expected. All the husbands and boyfriends were getting tired but us gals danced and chatted until almost 1am. Sunday we had a very lazy morning of drinking coffee renting movies and just chilaxing. We packed a bit in the afternoon and then went to Darcy and Sarah's in the evening for Ivy's birthday supper. It was great to spend the evening with them and the kids. I'm really going to miss not being close enough to scoot over for family dinners like that! I'm really going to miss seeing the kids as often as I do now too!! John left Sunday night and I hit the hay pretty early. I am now in the middle of another work week and it is quickly coming to an end-a final week! I did get my hair cut and colored last night though!! It's pretty drastic!! I decided that since I was moving to anew province, looking for a new job and embarking on yet another adventure with my husband that I would go all in with a new look! I love it!! I really do, it's soooo different from any other style I've had before. I'm not telling John and just surprising him when I pick him up from the bus stop Friday night! (He's getting a bus home so we can drive up to New Brunswick together). I can't find my camera charger so I can't take a picture either! I did 'steal' some of Nancy and Amanda's pics from the reception to post now though (pre-hair cut of course)

The Credit Union Gals (with a few missing)

Us with the bride on the dance floor

The boys chattin while we dance

Our table with Erin visitng, hehe ;)
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