Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Details on my new J-O-B

Well, I finally am emplyed again! Since I was 16 years old I have either worked or gone to school full time! I am not one to sit at home doing nothing! I enjoy working and keeping busy! At one point while I was in University full time, I also worked 2 jobs and did it all quite well too if I do say so myself! So when we moved to Saint John, I was eligible for Employment Insurance due to 'spousal relocation'. So, I applied and was finally approved this week. It was a tight month in the Walker house for sure (in fact, it will be a tight year for us! This move was definitely for the best long term but selling and buying a house this early on and the cost of relocating can be quite hefty)!
So, here I was a month sitting in this crummy apartment, waiting for the closing of our new house (mid-December) and waiting for the right job to essentially fall in my lap. I had a few offers come my way in the line of work but I wanted to be choosy since I did have EI to fall back on and I did leave a pretty great job back in Nova Scotia. So, wait I did and it turned out GREAT. I applied for a 1 year term sales position with Xerox, had 3 interviews and got offered a PERMANENT FULL TIME sales position instead. I am thrilled! I am very excited to embark on this new journey and although I wish I could take all the peeps at the Credit Union with me to my new job, I am hopeful that I will settle in there and do well. The hours are great, 9-5:30, Monday to Friday! I have heard over the years, many great things about Xerox as a company. I remember when I worked for Enterprise and TPCU that I heard of a few people that worked for them and said they were an excellent company. Even my own father who knows a lot about what are the 'good versus the not so good' people to work for, said that they were an excellent company who treats their employees well. I start the intense 5-6 week training on Monday! ::wish me luck::

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