Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Weekend at Home

This past weekend John and travelled home to Nova Scotia! We left at noon on Friday and headed for good ol' Nova Scotia. We got to Bedford between 3:30 and 4:00 with just enough time to stop in to TPCU and visit all the work peeps. It was great to see everyone. After we left there, we headed to New Ross for a great night of turkey dinner, crib and darts. John's Nanny and Bampy as well and Kyle and Jaime were also there. It was a great evening. Lots of fun although the girls lost in darts one too many times! It was all in good fun though. Saturday we work up, had breakfast and then Janet & Rick left for cranberry picking and John and I hung out with Jaime and Kyle for a bit and then headed to Dallas' and also Paulette's to visit with them and James. We had a nice visit and it was a lot of fun because Dallas' girls, Jersey and Sidney were there so I entertained them while the boys talked shop and undercoated cars. We headed into my Dad & Ivy's for supper and then put on our super fun costumes and headed for Halloween party #1 at Darcy and Sarah's. We stopped in there and checked out some costumes and then were off to Amanda and Jeff's for Halloween party #2. My Dad and Ivy were babysitting the kiddies so Dad offered to be DD for us as well as Mel & Dan. It was so nice of him. We really appreciated it and are grateful for all his taxi runs that night, and believe me, there was a lot of driving around. We had a great time at Amanda's and it was great to see everyone. Even Lisa, a friend I met when I first moved to Halifax was there. I had not seen her in ages. Amanda, of course, had her house all Halloween'ed up with tonnes of spooky decorations. Even her bathroom was festive with a green light in her shower and a 'bloody' shower curtain. She had mouse decals going up the stairs and a nuclear waste punch. Very very cute! She is so crafty and creative! We stayed the night at Dad and Ivy's after dropping Erin and Davey off at their house. The next day we woke up and Dad & Ivy had planned a big family lunch so it was nice to see everyone and chat about the Halloween festivities. We got on the road shortly after lunch.
I started my first day of work on Monday and so far it is going really good. It seems like it is going to be a pretty great place to work. I am in a 5 and a half weeks training program which is pretty intense but I am 'getting it all' so that is great. We have 4 assessments within a week and the first one we did I scored the second best in the class. We have another tomorrow and I am shooting for first;)
Here are some pics from our weekend...

Shrek & Fiona win "Best Costume"

Tanya the Lady Bug

Shootin some jello shots, YUMM...Amanda made 100 jello shots! Oh myy

Erin & Davey (i.e. The CupCake and The Baker)

Lisa & Chad (i.e. The Golfer and her Caddy)

Karen & Amanda (i.e Whoopie Cushion and The Bumble Bee)

Darcy & Sarah (i.e. The Yip Yips from Sesame Street)

Serena as the H1N1 Vaccine, LOL HILARIOUS

Fiona, Shrek & Donkey! The lady we rented our costume from had the donkey mask too so we had my Dad try it on for a photo op! LOL

Shrek gets a little lovin

The girls (i.e. the LOSING team...BUT we had fun and thats what counts)

The boys (i.e. The WINNING team)

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