Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanksgiving with all 3 Sets of Parents

This past weekend was Thanksgiving! John happened to be off so we headed home to Nova Scotia. My Mom and Donald had tarvelled from Cape Breton to stay with my Aunt Nancy in Halifax. We went there Friday evening and had a delicious supper with them. In the morning we got up, mom and I went shopping while John installed a new telephone line for Aunt Nancy. Then they met Mom and I at Costco. We decided to rest our feet and caffiene up at Starbucks before John and I took off for Dad & Ivy's. We had a huge turkey dinner with Dad, Ivy, Mel, Dan and the kids on Saturday evening. Then whent he kids went to bed, we all stayed up and played cards and had some drinks. It was a lot of fun but a very late night. We woke up Sunday and went to Camp in Dalhousie for the Annual Crib and Washer Toss Thankgiving Tournament...something I look forward to all year. We break up into teams of 2 andcompete for the trophys in each game. This year teams were decided a little differently. We could not be partnered up with our spouse and it had to be male/female teams. Which I think made for closer more exciting games. I also have to throw in there that I made it to the final championship game for Crib and was thisclose to having my name, alongside my partner Bampy, on a trophy. I was so excited only to be beat by Elaine and Allan. Allan wins the Crib trophy every year so next year I am going to make sure I practice so I can knock him off that trophy ;) John and Jaime won in a very close game to Andrew and Rachel in the final game for Washer Toss. They were very excited. So when all was said and done, the champions for the 2009 Thanksgiving Tournament were:
Washer Toss: John & Jaime (YAY) =)
Crib: Elaine & Allan =( haha, JK

Runners up were:
Washer Toss: Rachel & Andrew
Crib: Me & Bampy

It was a really fun day!!! I love Thanksgiving! I am so glad we got to spend time with all three sets of parents! It was really great!! Now we are back in Saint John and John is off today so we are going to go out to the City Market (kind of similar to Halifax's Farmer's Market only it is open every day of the week and of course it is not as large but its still pretty great). We're also going to do some errands at Service New Brunswick, some stuff for our house and then we're going to this super awesome place Kristen introduced me to last week called The Infusion, Tea & Tea Essentials! Its a tea house and I love it! It is really the cutest most quaint place and I can't wait to take John there because I know he will love it. He and I are both big tea drinkers and they have a large assortment of teas and lots of different Green Teas (our favorite). Check out their website:
Well I am off to enjoy a beautiful fall day with my handsome husband! Enjoy the pics below:

Group shot in Starbucks-although normally I wouldn't look to Starbucks as a prime spot for a photo op I realized that we didn't get a group shot in a very long time and a very nice woman was there to take it for us! So why not?!

My beautiful mama and me at Aunt Nancy's

Boys will be boys! haha! It was a fun night though!

Dad & Ivy in their hilarious aprons that they brought home from Germany when they were there in 2007 for Octoberfest

The winners of Washer Toss

Championship Crib game-pressure is on!

The winners of the Crib game! Oh well, there is always next year! Good game guys!!

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