Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Weekend Bites The Dust

Well another weekend at home is over and done with. It goes by so quickly =( We had so much fun yet again! Gotta love visits!! This weekend we decided to take off right after work so we didn't get into Bedford until quite late. We stayed at Erin's and she had invited some of the girls over for drinks and munchies. We stayed up pretty late (but then again we didn't get there til pretty late either) but we had a lot of fun and laughs catching up. The girls all stayed upstairs chatting while the boys freed themselves of our girly gossip in the basement, haha! Saturday John and I woke up and hung out with Erin for a bit before heading to get a few things done and some shopping as well. We headed out to New Ross after that. Rachel's party was Saturday night. Her 3rd Annual You, Me & A Tree party. We missed it last year due to John's work schedule so we were really happy we were able to go this year. It was a lot of fun!! She got a new chocolate lab puppy named Oakley who is super duper cute! I was pretty close to sneaking him home with me in my purse;) We partied at Rachel's until we were partied out and then headed over to Nancy & Allan's for some hot tubbin. The next morning we were all up quite early and on the road. Janet had to curl at 10am and Ryan had hockey so that probably helped everyone get a move on it. John and I had plans to have brunch at my Dad & Ivy's. We headed there and boy did we have a brunch. They had a delicious spread of eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham, fresh berries and hot out of the oven cinamon buns. We definitely stuffed ourselves and filled up on coffee as well. We stayed there til the afternoon and although we had planned to pop in on Robert and Shelley, they were not home so we got on the road.
So now my work week is actually over due to me having Thursday and Friday off as an extra long weekend (WHOOT WHOOT) and John got us tickets to the Montreal Legends game (The Montreal Canadians Alumni so peeps like Guy La Fleur, Stefan Richer, etc. will be playing). One of the guys John now works with is actually on the team playing against them so that must be pretty cool for him.
Well folks, I'm out to enjoy my long weekend! I am hoping to finish up my Christmas shopping, start my wrapping and get some Christmas cards ready to be sent out. I'd like to have all that done by the time we move into our new house (YAY!!!).
Here are some pics from Rachel's party:

Rachel shows Mr.B the love! (Cute father daughter moment)

Me and my Santa!

John with hair, bahaha! He tried on Rachel's extensions! I thought he was going for the Billy Ray Cyrus look!

Sister, Sister! Nancy & Janet!

Fam photo op =)

John, Me with Oakley (look how cute he is sleeping in my arms)

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