Monday, November 16, 2009

What a busy couple of weeks...

I feel like I haven't updated some real life info in quite a while. No weekend posts or anything other than works and hating our apartment related stuff, lol! So the past 2 weekends we stayed in Saint John. We didn't do much either weekend but they were still really nice and relaxing. We went to see 'Law Abiding Citizen' in theaters last weekend and it was pretty good...intense! We also did some Holiday shopping and poked around the Saint John area.
Thursday past, Dad and Ivy came to Saint John (they were in Fredericton on work related stuff) and they took us to Billy's Seafood for supper. It was a really nice seafood restaurant and the food tasted good but it was cold when it came out and had to be sent back to the kitchen (mine actually went back twice). Dad, Ivy and I had Lobster Truffle Risotto and John had grilled Tuna. The food was yummy though once they had heated it properly. It was a nice evening!
This past weekend I went for brunch with Kristen at The Hilton. After brunch I left Kristen and went and did some shopping for Christmas and such. I had a great day and then came home to my hubby. We went to the Saint John Christmas parade Saturday night and it was a really nice parade of lights. I really enjoyed it. Sunday was such a crappy day weather wise that I stayed in all day while John was at work. I did get a lot of house work done though.
Now its back to work this week and I am looking forward to another week of learning new things and challenging myself in new ways. So far I am really enjoying my new career path in technology sales and finance!
I do have pics but I think I'll post them later. We are just about to eat supper and I don't really want to wait while they upload.

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