Monday, November 9, 2009

Is it time yet???

Okay, please tell me our closing date on our house is coming soon?! I am sooo sick of this crappy apartment we are stuck in and John and I keep knocking things over and crashing into each other in such close quarters. I am hating living out of a suitcase and boxes and not knowing where anything is. I dispise the water in this place on so many levels: it goes hot to cold to hot to cold to (you get the picture) every time we shower, it is not drinkable so we have to constantly buy filtered water (thats not a huge deal although I do miss just grabbing a glass of good tap water), we have to share laundry with other people in this scummy building and there is so much copper running from the pipes that each time I clean the shower, it is green within days from the copper in the pipes going through the water. In case you haven't picked up on my subtlety, I hate this place and am practically counting the seconds until we move into our gorgeous new house! It is going to feel like a freakin palace after being here for so long (I've been here since October but John has been here since August).
This weekend was pretty low key. I did some work and lazed around a bit. John and I hit up the movies on Saturday night to see "Law Abiding Ciizen" which was pretty intense! Other than that we went to the malls for a bit on Sunday to see if we could find some Christmas gift ideas. We bought a couple things. We want to try and get our shopping done in phases this Christmas. Not to be hit with it all at once! So far we are doing pretty good I think!
I'm back at work today and things are going well. I have 2 more assessments and a final on Wednesday! Then after that I won't have to study as much or cram as much info into my brain! LOL.

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