Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy Month Ahead

Well faithful readers, I am sad to say that I doubt I will get much blogging time in over the next couple of weeks. We shall see but the odds are against it. I have a crazy busy week at work as it is my last week of official training class and there are a few heavy presentations to prepare for and then of course the most exciting detail of our busy life would be moving to our house. Seriously, words cannot express how freaking excited we are to get into this house. To say this apartment is wearing thin would be an understatement of the year...maybe lifetime! It is BRUTAL! The slumlord has yet to turn the heat on in this apartment so we are freezing now that it has hit a cold snap. When we first put the offer in on this house and 'agreed' to the later closing date I remember thinking how far away it was. I'm not sure if I think it went by fast or painfully slow. I think if I had to lean more one way I'd say it went by pretty fast. We travelled home a few times and of course once I started working the ball really started rolling so I'm grateful the time went by. I am so excited to get into this house and start making it our own! In the words of my sister "I think your new old house is nicer than your old new house" and I might sorta agree (that first house will always hold a special place in my heart since it was our first house and we picked everything out). While this house is 16 years old-not really all that old at all in house terms, it is completely finished so all we'll really have to do is some minor cosmetics to make it 'us'! I am sooo excited. Lord know I have had lots of time to picture what I want to do. I've got paint chips all set, thanks to Erin who helped on that, and a few other ideas! How exciting!
The other part of the busy equation will be Christmas! We are really looking forward to it!! We'll have to get settled in our house and then start the holiday decorating immediately but that will be fun. Plus, being under time constraints I find I work better. Heck, I already have all the gifts bought, wrapped and Christmas cards addressed and stamped. And I did all that before December 1st. YAY! I find when I am under pressure I work really good so we'll deck the halls with plenty of time to spare ;) Last Christmas we had my Dad and Ivy, Janet and Rick, Elaine and Bampy over for Christmas Eve dinner! It was a nice evening. After they left John and I went to church at the same church we got married at and then came home and snuggled in for the night. The next morning we woke up to our first Christmas morning as husband and wife in our first home and had a quiet morning opening some gifts and having our coffee and just hanging out. It was nice. We headed to Bridgewater for Christmas lunch and then to my Dad and Ivy's for Christmas dinner. It wasn't until Boxing day that we travelled to Cape Breton to spend time with my Mom, Lauren, Aunt and Nannie.
THIS year we are going home to Cape Breton the evening of the 23rd and staying until Christmas day. Then we'll head to my Dad and Ivy's for dinner with the crew and then to New Ross Boxing Day to spend time with Ma & Pa Walker! It'll be a busy holiday but it will be a fun, family filled one and thats the best!
New Years/John's birthday we'll finally get the chance to just chill and relax together in our house. We're going to order Thai food, rent some movies and maybe pop some bubbly! It'll be a low key, but perfect NYE.
I am soooo excited for this month! So many great things to come!! YAY!
Hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season!!!

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