Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gotta Love Long Weekends...

So this past weekend was a 4 day weekend for me which was awesome! I loved the little break although I will admit I would have loved it a lot more had we already been in our house but c'est la vie. Wednesday night John and I went to the Charity Montreal Canadians Alumni game which was really pretty good. Tursday I had a lazy day which was awesome and then Friday and Saturday I spent doing my Christmas shopping and getting my Christmas cards ready to be mailed. I got everything done before December 1st and it is such a great feeling. Everything is bought, wrapped and ready to go to NS with us and my cards are all done and stamped and just waiting til another week or so before mailing them out (I think it is still a little early). I wanted to have everything done before the big move so that was a success. Sunday, John had planned a surprise date day which was really sweet. We took the ferry to Kingston Pennisula which is a small summer vacation hot spot around here. It was a nice ferry ride and the weather was beautiful. We drove around Kingston Pennisula and John has wanted to take me to this nice little restaurant he heard about but a)we couldn't find it and b)we think it was closed for the season. We did some sightseeing and then took another ferry back to Saint John where we had lunch. It was such a nice day together.
My Dad was back in Saint John for work stuff last night so he took us to Thandi for supper. Thandi is amazing, its Indian food and it is so freakin delish! We had a great evening with Dad.
I can't believe it is Tuesday night already. December 1st, WOW...time is flying! Lets hope it keeps flying by until we can move into our new house! Getting sooooo excited.

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