Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Weekend

This weekend was wonderful! Friday after work I just came home and hung out with my amazing hubby. John had to work all weekend.
Saturday morning I woke up and went to breakfast with Sharon (a girl I started at Xerox with) and a bunch of her friends that live in our neighbourhood. We went to Cora's and Sharon introduced me to these very lovely ladies! They were all very nice and I had a great time. I went home right afterwards because Erin was coming to visit me! (YAY). Erin got here early in the afternoon and I gave her the grand tour of Saint John. We went to the City Market (a popular spot here in SJ) and had tea and desert at my favorite little tea house called The Infusion. Then we walked around Uptown and did some shopping. I continued the tour and then went home. We stayed up super late catching up over some vino. Sunday morning was a little seedy, I'll be honest! We had breakfast and then Erin was on the road for home =(
It was so great to see her though and hang out!
I had a pretty lazy day on Sunday until John came home and we just hung out watched some TV and cuddled. I was in bed pretty early last night and was out like a light! LOL I am getting too old and am not used to late nights anymore! haha
This week I hope will go by fast. My mama is coming to visit! I am really looking forward to seeing her and Donald.
Well I am out for now! Thanks for coming to visit Erin! We'll have to do it again, with the rest of the gals next time ;)

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