Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is winter over yet??

I am so sick of Winter already. I know it is only January but still, I am not a fan! Here is a list of things I dispise about winter:

-the cold

-the snow

-the icy roads

-the icy walkways (I'm always nervous I am going to fall, and not so much worried about hurting myself as I am about embarassing myself)

-salt stains on the bottoms of my pant legs

-the bottom of my pants getting all wet

-having to turn the heat on in our house (how I wish we had a wood furnice/stove)

-waking up in the dark and then again when I leave work, it is dark...I never see sunlight

-wearing so many clothes and layers of clothes


-my cold car


-having to cancel road trips or even the possibility of having to reschedule events because of snow storms

-the dirty salt stains all over my car

I am sure this list could go on forever but I'll stop there.

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