Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yet another winter complaint

Okay, so it was calling for 2-5 cm's of snow today but what started last night and has yet to end (it is now 8:00pm the following evening). We're at about 15-20 cm's and no sign of stopping yet. So I get up this morning, leave earlier than usual and still arrive 10 minutes late for work. My boss is super nice and is really mainly concerned with us arriving safely so it was no big deal. It snows all day and when I go to leave work, they haven't freaking plowed the parking lot so it was quite the struggle getting out. I cleared off my car (with the help of a nice man I work with who came running over with his super brush) and got in my car ready to pull out and got stuck. I struggled for a bit and finally got out but travelled home slipping and sliding all over the highway (and yes I do have winter tires on). Get home and get almost to our driveway when I get stuck and there ain't no way in hell I was getting unstuck. John was watching from the window and came out right away to help. He tried 3 times and had no luck. We drove around bitching and complaining about how our road wasn't plowed one bit today and finally got up the road and into the driveway with success. We are now about to go out and shovel the driveway (John already had it done quite good when I got home but it still needs to be done a bit more). I really really hate winter!

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