Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Sooner Did I Speak...

So today at work I had to make a call to corporate office in Texas. Low and behold this person answers like this:
"Good Morning, Ainslie speaking"
At first I thought no way I must have heard wrong, an Ainslie in Texas, really?? So I asked her to repeat herself and sure enough that was her name. She and I got a kick out of the fact that we shared a name and at the end of the conversation hung up saying,
"Nice speaking with you Ainslie"
"You too Ainslie"
haha! Doesn't take much to amuse me. But I thought it was particularly funny since I had just blogged about the issue around my name here in little ol New Brunswick and the next day or two talk to someone in Texas who shares my name! Coincidences!

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