Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Reoccurring Theme??!!

So since I moved to New Brunswick I have come up against the same thing time after time which I find slightly comical! No matter where I go: the Doctor's office, movie store, even at work whenever I have to give my name for something of the sorts this is how the conversation goes:
Person: "Can I have your first name please?"
Me: "Ainslie"
Person: "No actually, I need your FIRST name"
Me: "That is my first name"
Person: "Oh sorry about that, can you spell it for me"

Now for the record I really love my name! I think its unique (like me, hehe) and feminine and interesting. Its not boring by any means and there are not too many other Ainslie's around so people usually always remember me! I have had many compliments on my name over the years and as I grew up began to really appreciate the uniqueness of my name. However, I am blogging about this because I find it odd that soooo many New Brunswickers always think its a last name! Now I catch myself giggling over it and while I could just say "Ainslie Walker" or something to the extent of "first name-Ainslie, last name-Walker" its just too comical now and it definitely makes the clerk uncomfortable when there is that brief moment when they are not sure if I am insulted or not-BTW, I am totally not insulted. I mean, I have always been a fan of last names as first names-considering I've always said I love the name Walker for a little boy but let's face it-it would just be cruel to name a kid Walker Walker! LOL
Thats all for now folks;

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