Sunday, January 31, 2010

tape, tape, tape-paint, paint, paint, paint

That was our weekend, haha! We taped until we ran out of painters tape and had to go buy more and we painted 2 rooms in our house. Now that may not seem like a lot but really, for us it was quite the feat! COnsidering John worked Saturday so we didn't even get to start until Saturday evening. We had bought our paint Friday night but didn't get the brushes and rollers and stuff until Saturday. John wanted to go with so I didn't even get to get them during the day Saturday so we could start earlier. So Saturday evening we started. We primed our bedroom and taped the downstairs bathroom and got the first coat on. We ran out of tape on the bathroom so this mornind we eagerly awaited noon to come so Kent would be open and we could pick up more! Then we got some more supplies and stopped for groceries and then came home to tape and paint some more. SO our bedroom took one coat of primer, and 2 coats of paint. The downstairs bathroom is just about done but we listened to the lady at Benjamin Moore who said that a quart would be enough for a bathroom and well...she either thought our bathroom was alot smaller than what it was or didn't really know and just guessed because we ran out of paint on our second coat. I have to pick up another quart on my way home from work tomorrow. We are just about finished our bedroom though and I must say I LOVE the color. LOVE it! I'm not so sure about the bathroom yet but its hard to tell with the green painters tape and only one coat on about 50% of it. I'm sure it'll be great once we get it all done! We definitely had a lot of laughs though. This was our first time painting (shocking yes I know) but it was good for some laughs and we had fun doing it! We still have many more rooms to go!


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The Walker's said...

Oh they will definitely be coming soon! Just trying to get a few final touches and of course that last coat of half the bathroom! Hopefully next week I'll have some pics!