Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Weekend In the Bustling Metropolis of SJ

We did have a really great weekend in Saint John this past weekend. Kyle and Jaime came to visit us for the first time since they were up to help us move into our house. They arrived Friday night and we had a yummy supper and then just hung out the rest of the night. Saturday we woke up and after breakfast we headed in to Saint John for the grand tour! We toured around, did some shopping stopped at Java Moose for coffee and continued on our tour. We went to Suwana, which is an excellent Thai restaurant for supper that night. Suwana is probably the best restaurant in Saint John (or definitely in the top 3) and you need reservations weeks in advance to get in on a weekend. As luck would have it, my hubby had booked reservations for 2 (he and I) weeks earlier and then when we heard Kyle & Jaime were coming he (being a man) forgot to call and cancel. So he called and got 2 more added to our table. So we got dressed up and went for a yummy supper and then home to play some cards until late into the night. Sunday after many games of iPod curling and breakfast, Kyle and Jaime headed for home. Since it was such a beautiful day, John and I cleaned both cars inside and out, washed all our bedding and hung it out on the line and went to Home Depot to buy a new BBQ (ours had pretty much bit the dust last year and rather than move up a barely hanging on BBQ, we just tossed it and gave the propane tank to Rick & Janet. We needed a new one but decided to wait until the nice weather luck would have it, that was the day!
And now we are 5 days into sunshine and beautiful weather! I wore a dress today to work and didn't even need a jacket when I went out at lunch time! Gotta love that! Now this weekend Amanda & Erin are coming and I really hope the weather is as nice as last weekend ::fingers crossed::
I do have pics from the weekend but again, can't seem to gather the energy to get the camera and load them on so I will wait until after this weekend or maybe even the next when more guests come to visit!! Eventually I'll have a picture post on here! Til then...

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