Monday, March 29, 2010

Whats in a name???

Lately I've been thinking about names! Before we got married, I often teased John about not taking his name although I had every intention of being Ainslie Walker. There are no boys in our family so I did say that if we were to have a boy someday, I'd like to use Shaw as a middle name! So for 26 years of my life I was Ainslie Shaw and then one day I changed and became Ainslie Walker. It took a little getting used to but for the most part it felt perfectly normal and comfortable to be called Ainslie Walker.
Growing up, I was never one for being called by my last name as a nick name. No one ever said "Hey Shaw, pass the salt" or anything like that. I was always just Ainslie. I liked that too. When we got married, it was a little funny for friends and family to think of me as Ainslie Walker and my Dad often heard my work voicemail and left me messages to the tune of "no matter how many times I hear Ainslie Walker....". My mom sent Ainslie Shaw letters and then would cross out the Shaw and replace it with Walker. I love being a Walker and sharing my husband's last name but whats funny is that since we have moved, a lot of the people I have met in New Brunswick calls me Walker. Just Walker, sometimes Mrs. Walker or AW but for the most part I get "hey Walker, whats up...". Its odd to think that these people never knew me as Ainslie Shaw and don't even know my maidne name. I even like being referred to as 'Walker'.
Now it just seems so normal that Ainslie Shaw sounds funny!
So really, whats in a name?!

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