Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yep, as the title will tell: this weekend bit the big one! I was really looking forward to a beautiful sunny Easter weekend with my hubby unexpectedly off all weekend. We had no real plans set in stone but still, I was looking forward to it. Thursday night I started to feel kinda...weird. It started off like a normal evening and then just as I was settling in to watch Grey's Anatomy I got this weird pain in my neck and a major headache so bad it hurt just to watch TV. I went to bed, leaving my hubby downstairs to finish our usual Thursday night TV line up. I woke up Friday with the headache not so bad but still have the ache in my neck. Friday night it felt the same. I got word that night that my Nannie had been rushed to the hospital so I of course did not sleep at all as I was sick with worry. She is doing better now but is still in the Hospital. We are hoping she is out soon and back to her good old Nannie self soon. I have not stopped worrying about her all weekend though.
Saturday I could not physically get out of bed. My body ached so bad it felt like my bones and muscles were breaking. It hurt just to get up to go get some water. John took good care of me though getting me OJ and popsicles. I slept all day and had a bad fever. I woke up in sweats but then was freezing. It was awful. I did get out of bed to watch a movie John had rented though (The Blind Side) then went back to bed. This morning my fever had broke but now I have this awful chicken pox like rash on my feet, legs and hands! It's bloody awful! I went to the drug store where the pharmacist said it looked like "Fifths Disease" which is a viral infection similar to the chicken pox but most likely to occur in young children. Well-yep thats wonderful! She descirbed all my symptoms to a T. I was going to go to the doctor but don't have much energy to drag myself back out there today. Maybe tomorrow! Besides, there is not much they can do for it other than tell me to take tylenol for the pain and put calamine lotion on-which I have been doing!

So with being sick-and more bad family news-it is safe to say this weekend sucked! 2010 has not been off to a good start let me tell you...hopefully it will only get better!
Hope you all have a great Easter with your families!
Lots of love;

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