Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm Baaack!!

Geez-I just noticed my last blog post was April 21st. Yikes-I'm a bad blogger. I have been very busy and also sleepy since our trip so trying to get caught up on missed sleep, clean my house and unpack and also entertain a few guests has kept me busy. Anyway, we're back and into the swing of things. Cuba was great! We had a very nice time and enjoyed the time with my in laws! The weather was great, the wedding was very nice and the beach was beautiful! We spent most of our time between the beach and the pool although we did venture into Varadero with Janet, Rick, Jaime and Kyle and Renee (a friend of Stephanie's). We visited another resort Janet & Rick love to visit as they are friends with one of the workers. We also went to a market and stopped by the big park Janet & Rick always said have the World's Best Pina Coloda's! All in all it was a great trip. But..I must be getting old because it sure felt nice to be back home in my own bed! lol! I do have some pictures which I will leave you with!

A picture of the pool at our resort

Jaime, Janet & I waiting out the rain

Dinner our first night there

John schooling his dad at Chess-or maybe it was the other way around ;)

John, Andrew & Kyle chillin in the shade

Oddly enough-coconut milk and fresh coconut does not taste good at all

Hubbs and I-Pretty in Pink

Beach Photo Op

World's Best Pina Coloda's

"House of Rum"

Janet, Rick and John sampled rum at the house of rum while we just took photos

Kissy Kissy

Family photo op
Look who found me? John & I were walking up the beach one afternoon when I heard someone calling my name-it was Gil & Paul who were staying at Sandals. We hung out with them for a bit! It was great to see them!

Target Shot-For the record I totally beat this guy fo rbest shot! He was some russian dude and I wiped the floor with him! ;) ~ proud moment

John and his mama~ I see now where he gets his gorgeous blue eyes!

Janet, me, Jaime & John after waiting out the rain

Who are those sexy ladies?! hehe

Heading to the beach

The Three Stooges-Larry, Mo & Curly!

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